Nurkids Advantages

Ever dream to be an entrepreneur? For those who are posses entrepreneur skills, Islamic values, passionate about children and aim for more than this world but the Akhirat as well, you are welcome to join Nurkids family. As the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W has said, nine over ten of our rizk are gained through the profits from a business. Let's be a part of Nurkids family!!


  • Commitment to the Nurkids philosophy
  • Availability on a full-time basis to operate the Nurkids Program outlet in accordance with Nurkids's standards and requirements
  • At least a secondary school qualification with a minimum of 5 years working experience or a Diploma or a Degree
  • At least 23 years of age and in good health (Female candidates are very much encouraged to participate in the Nurkids Programme)

How You Benefit:

Our efficient business system and continuous support will nurture your entrepreneurial talent and help you access outstanding opportunities. The excellent operator-owner support services you will receive include:

  • Intellectual Property - trade name, trademark, proprietary information, operating system, training procedures and other aspects of our unique centre licensing system.
  • Site Selection - We will be there to assist you in various aspects of selecting a site for your location
  • Operational Support - Your management team will have a detailed step-by step procedures and guidelines to assist them in the daily operations of their Nurkids Program. Plus, you will receive a comprehensive Operation Manual that explains our policies and procedures in an easy to follow format.
  • Training - Comprehensive, hands-on training in all aspects of administration and operations, including computer software, sales and marketing, are provided to you and members of your organization. You’ll also receive on-the-job training at a designated location, as well as your site.
  • Marketing Support - produces outstanding marketing materials. As a Nurkids program owner, you will benefit from this outstanding services.

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